Creative Solutions To Real Estate Challenges

Commercial BuildingThe history of the Hudson Valley & New Jersey is our history. In the past 30 years, Rand Commercial has grown from a primarily residential real estate brokerage into a full-service real estate financial institution with expertise in commercial and investment real estate, development marketing and condo conversion, land sales and development, corporate relocation, mortgage financing and title insurance.

Our approach to Commercial Real Estate is simple: we provide Creative Solutions to Real Estate Problems. Our core objective is to help our clients achieve the maximum return from their real estate investments by truly evaluating the full potential of each property and each portfolio. It is precisely because we have such a wide array of expertise on our team that we can approach challenges with such a diversity of ideas, and find solutions that elude companies with just one focus.

Re-Use Strategies

What is the highest and best use for your property? Often, value can be created by a change of purpose, change of tenancy, or simple renovation.

Portfolio Valuation and Liquidation

Is a portfolio that is intact and well managed worth more than the sum of its parts? A diverse portfolio of different property types can be complicated to manage. Often, an owner will assemble the personnel and systems over time that optimize the return through efficiency and fine-tuning.

Retail Purchase & Leasing

Is it better for your business to rent or own?

Condo/Co-op Conversion

Should you sell, convert or hold? Only a team approach with commercial and residential expertise can evaluate multi-family buildings in a comprehensive way.

Industrial Purchase & Leasing

Is your property worth more to a user or an investor?

What would your property be worth once its environmental issues are solved? Assemble a skilled team of professionals to accomplish the remediation, and handle the regulatory and community relations issues for the adaptive reuse of environmentally compromised property.

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